Care & Attention for Oak Beam and Mantles

care and attention oak beam and mantle

All Oak Furniture Benefits from regular maintenance, to protect and seal the beam from developing large splits and general wear and tear, and will continue to enrich the colour and with TLC will continue to ooze character for a lifetime! , please read below for specific maintenance advice.

Solid Rustic Oak Maintenance:

Rustic oak requires continues waxing within the first year of being installed particularly the first few months, the timber still has movement within, therefore must be waxed with a clear beeswax twice a month to slow down the oaks aging process, as most homes are considerably warmer than what the oak would naturally develop at, if it is not maintained large splits may form along the beam, the best way to maintain your beam is to wax it using a lint/fluff free cloth or rag and to work the wax into the beam, removing any excess wax with a clean cloth. If you wish to buff it up to maintain the sheen finish allow the wax 3/ 4 hours to dry then slowly rub the beam with a clean lint free cloth slowly increasing pressure continue this process until you have the sheen finish you desire

Note: You can never wax the beam too much, each coat of wax will enhance the beams natural charm and colour.

stove - oak beam and mantle

Aged Air Dried Rustic Oak Maintenance:

Our Aged Air Dried Oak has indulged a prolonged seasoning period of 3 – 5 years, meaning there is little to no movement left within the timber, meaning waxing is not as essential as the Rustic Oak, and only needs to be waxed 3 / 4 times a year, we do still advise to wax all oak products regularly as like stated above it enhances the beams natural charm and charisma!

Remember movement and cracks can and will happen, this is a natural piece of wood, Stove Doctor is not held responsible for any warping, cracks or ageing to the wooden beam/mantle once it has been installed.

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