The Chilli Billie (Wood Only) 3.4KW

The Chilli Billie is top loading with a round glass window to see the fire through. You can boil a kettle on the top surface of the stove. The kW output is 3.4 kW, though there will be some variation during the burn cycle.

There is a separate loading door for the ash pan and a small lighting hole. There is an adaptation available for the Chilli Billie making it suitable for smoke control areas. There are two variations of heat shield enclosures available for the Chilli Billie called Penguin Enclosures; the round enclosure and the square corner enclosure. The enclosure offers heat shielding, underneath, to the rear and both sides of the stoves. Parts of it are double skinned to allow for the movement of air. In addition the enclosure provides a bracket for the flue.



Charred Red, Evergreen, Penguin Black, Polar Bear Belly, Seal Grey, Storm Blue